Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Steps to Move Project Server 2007 from One Environment to Another Including WorkSpace


  1. You have installed Project Server on New Machine to a point where you have Sharepoint Central Administration, Web Application on Port 80, Web Application for SSP and Project Application Service is started.
  2. Make Sure you same project server service pack and patches installed on new server
  3. You have backed and restored project server database to new server
  4. You have backed and restore Content Database for Port 80 (Assuming your project server work space was on port 80)


  1. Navigate to Start » All Programs » Administrative Tools » SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration

  2. Click on Operations > Under Topology and Services > Click on Services on Server > Select the Option Project Application

  3. Make Sure Project Application Service is started

  4. Under Shared Service Administration Click on SharedServices1 (Name could be different)
  5. Click on Project Web Access Sites
  6. Click on Create Project Web Access
  7. Make Sure you select the same "Project Web Access Path" if you want to RESTORE AND RELINK SharePoint workspace. My Scenario was PWA.
  8. Enter the account info for Administrator Account and Primary Database Server
  9. Enter the name of Published Database, Draft Database, Archive database and Reporting Database (restored databases)
  10. Click on refresh status after few minutes

  11. The Site should be provisioned
  12. Click on the site just to make sure project web access is working
  13. Click on Workspace "The PAGE not found" (EXPECTED)
  14. Now Create a new web application
  15. Navigate back to central administration > application management > Under SharePoint Web Application Management Click on Create or Extend Web Application
  16. Create New Web-Application on Port 81 *Can be any port except 80

  17. Once the Web application is created on port 81 > Navigate back to central administration > application management > Under SharePoint Web Application Management Click on Content databases
  18. Change the Web-Application to http://servername:81/

  19. Remove the content database of port 81 (Make Sure you are removing the content database of correct web application)
  20. Click on Database name and then click on Remove Content Database > Click Ok

  21. Add Content Database of Port 80 from Previous Server (I did restored the database as "OLD") to this web application on Port 81

  22. Download Project Server Resource kit for project server 2007 from Microsoft.com
  23. Extract it to C:\ResourceKit
  24. Start > Run > Cmd
  25. Browse to C:\ResourceKit
  26. Type

ReLinkAllWSSSites.exe http://servername:81 http://servername/pwa

27. Type Browse to PWA (http://serverName/PWA) you should see all Projects and their SharePoint sites.


Unknown said...


I did the relink and everything is fine. From my projects workspaces, I am able to go to the old workspaces. But the link is shown as http://servername:81. My question here is it does not display these workspaces under Sites as the sites is pointing to port 80 and the old workspaces show the port as 81. How can i list them under my port 80?

Please help.

Thanks in advance



Unknown said...


As a followup to what I just wrote, I want to be more clearer. After following up the exact steps, I am able to view the existing sites unde project workspaces of the homepage but not under the Sites link of Quick Launch. They all show link as servername:81

Also, will the new project workspaces be created under port 81 or port 80? Please suggest.

Thanks and regards,


gman aka Gaurav Wason said...


If project server and Workspaces are in same port then when you move PWA you will receive an error message that site already exist.

Did you ran Re-Link tool from Microsoft as recommended in this blog.

Also you can change the port to 80 for new sites if you want. So any new site that is created will in port 80.

Let me know


Unknown said...


Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I performed all the steps mentioned. I also ran the Relink tool. It has relinked my old workspaces to servername:81. I am able to view the issues and documents correctly.

As you said, I can make my new sites/project work spaces in port 80. I tried that.

My question is will the old sites remain in this new application on port 81? Can we move it on port 80?

It may seem very simple question but just wanted to clarify that this is how it will be so that I can accordingly let my users know about it.

Your reply will help me to understand this more better

Thanks and regards,


gman aka Gaurav Wason said...

No, the old sites will remain on port 81.

How many sites do you have if it is not too many then you can use STSAdm command make a copy of each site and restore it.

Let me know.

Unknown said...


I have two or three sites that i need to copy. Can you tell me how to copy and restore it using the STSAdm command? Would appreciate your help.

Also, apart from site contents the port 81 application does not contain any other informtion right?

Thanks and regards,


gman aka Gaurav Wason said...

Check this blog from Brian Smith

He does show how to export and import sharepoint workspace


Unknown said...

Hi Gaurav
Great Job!
I did the relink all workspaces with my projects, and everything is ok. But, I have a portal site in "servername:81" and I would like to use in "servername:80". This site is the main site of the oldserver (http://servername:81 = http://oldserver).
Is it possible to use this site in "servername:80"?
Best Regards

Newton said...

As anybody been able to find a way to point all the old workspace to port 80 rather than the created web app port.

Anonymous said...

Hi gman aka Gaurav Wason

I have followed all the mentioned steps, but unable to see my plan published as shown in the screen shot under Project Workspace. I have also done the site relinking. Please help!!