Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to Edit Office 365 Project Porfilio Dashboard

A.      We’re glad to hear that you have the new Office 365 dashboard installed! (If you don’t, go to this link to install it- Its FREE

B.      To access the dashboard after installation, go to settings by navigating to the gear icon, and select Site Contents from the drop down

C.      Click on the following Office 365 Dashboard button

D.      From here, you can edit the dashboard. If you’re having difficulties editing, keep reading to find out how.

E.       Here are some tips for editing your dashboard:

1.       Click on the Options tab up in the ribbon

2.       Click on the Sections

3.       Select the dashboard section you wish to edit from the Dashboard Section dropdown, and chose the layout you desire from the Selection Layout options

4.       You can now select the available widgets (numbered 4-6 in the visual) to change what is displayed on the dashboard.

To replace a chart: Click on one of the charts in the ribbon- In this example, we will replace the Project Cost by EPT Pie chart by clicking on it in the ribbon (number 5 above) and selecting another option from the drop down (number 2 below).


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